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Welcome to m-learning platform of the iHRM project!
This course will allow you to broaden your knowledge on age management in organisation. It is divided into 4 modules that cover various aspects of the main topic.
The first module presents the importance and influence of world demographic changes in the workplace, the advantages of an inclusive workplace and arguments in favour of age management in an organisational context.
The second module includes information on characteristics of different generations at work, various concepts of age, physical and psychological implications of ageing and the impact of the ageing process on skills and productivity.
The third module allows you to design and plan recruitment and selection procedures suitable for older workers and prepare appropriate work arrangements for them.
The fourth module covers topics such as recognizing HR strategies for multigenerational workforce, selecting strategies that optimize performance of workers and recognizing HR practices that support older workers’ needs and expectations.
Each module consists of at least one video and additional texts usually in a form of a lesson (slides). The lessons and films are followed up by various assignments: quizzes, forum discussions and group assignments in which you not only have the opportunity to work within a team but also assess and give feedback to other teams working on the same topic. The course workload is approximately 20 hours.
This m-learning course was prepared by consortium of six European partners: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands), Advancis Business Services (portugal), Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa (Spain), International School for Social and Business Studies (Slovenia), Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi (Poland), In-Dialogue (Denmark).
Enjoy your learning experience!
The iHRM team