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The project aims to: 

  • develop an innovative training programme for Human Resource (HR) managers on inclusive HRM practices for Older Workers, based in research and using mobile technology, 
  • to provide the knowledge and competences needed for these professionals to deal effectively with the challenges of an aging workforce.

 As a result, the project will contribute to:

  • prevent skills and labour shortages in European organisations, 
  • thus increasing their competitiveness and general performance, 
  • and to a wider participation of Older Workers (OW) in the European labour market.

The project’s general objective will be achieved by:

  • Identifying and addressing work environmental constraints to the participation of OW in the labour force. 
  • Identifying adequate inclusive HR practices for recruiting and retaining of OW.
  • Developing and implementing a m-learning training course to better prepare HR managers to the challenges of an aging workforce.
  • Disseminate the results Europe-wide next to target groups to maximize the impact and sustainability of final outcomes.