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The key activities of the project are:  
  • Project Website 
  • Project Group in LinkedIn for the dissemination of the project’s objectives, activities and results to all target groups, especially HR managers and other groups of professionals related to HRM
  • Project Newsletters - minimum 3 issues: June 2014, February 2015, February  2016
  • Research (January to August 2014) Work Environment Constraints to OW Employment and on HRM Best Inclusive Practices for OW in all countries of the consortium: survey, case studies (interviews, focus groups)
  • Handbook on Inclusive HRM Practices for OW (December 2014)  for the dissemination of the project’s results available designed all target groups
  • Video (May 2015) promoting inclusive HRM
  • National Seminars (countries of the consortium, May 2015) for HR managers 
  • M-Learning Course on Inclusive HRM Practices for OW (pilot training, November 2015) designed especially for HR managers and key actors in the area of HR and employment 
  • Final Conference (Slovenia, March 2016) for HR managers, education professionals and researchers, and key-actors in the area of HR and employment
    Call for participants_iHRM conference.pdf 

The final conference of iHRM was held in International School for Social and Business Studies in Celje (Slovenia) on 6th April 2016. At the event HR managers from various European countries have participated together with representatives of HEIs.
During the event the results and conclusions of research conducted during the run of the project were presents as well as the best practices for inclusion of 55+ workers.
The speeches were followed by a workshop enabling the participants to experience, practice and give feedback on the products developed in IHRM project and discuss the current challenges concerning HR practices in terms of age management in the workplace.
Below you find the presentations from the speakers and workshops as well as pictures form the event.